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We produce various ranges of defoamers mainly for solvent-based coatings. Chemically, they are based on Modified Dimethyl Polysiloxanes and Silicone Free Polymers.

Foam can be generated in the production during grinding and stirring, as well as during application, for example, brushing, rolling and low pressure spraying. It also generated through application of a coating on porous substrates. Wood is the most common example for porous substrates.

However, foam is an unwanted physical state, that all paint formulators want to eliminate. It results in uneven finishing and in worse case: it will reduce the protective property of the coating to the substrate.

AFCONA additives defoamers added to eliminate foams and Its unwanted site effects at production and application stage.

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Dispersing Technology

Colour is the most important factor when we select paint for decorative purposes. The ingredient in paint, that is responsible for colour are pigments. Pigments are the only solid phase material in most of the paint formulation, which others are in liquid form.

Pigments need to be evenly distributed in coating in order to achieve a bright, clean and attractive colour. In order to do that, these pigments have to been stabilizes in small particles when the paint is in the can for long period.

High molecular weight dispersants are the best choice to perform this task and they are the most efficient chemical compound to achieve the desired performance.

AFCONA additives produce wide range of high molecular weight dispersing agents, ranging from Polyurethane based to Polyacrylic based which are suitable for all solvent-based coatings and industrial water-based systems. Dispersants are one of our most outstanding specialties in all of our additives range.

In the history of pigments, if we look back 50-60 years, most pigments are metal oxides, which we dig from the ground. Thus at that time, wetting and dispersing agent are created to improve properties of paint.

Until today, these wetting and dispersing agent are still widely use for primers and coatings function as protection for substrates rather than for decoration and as wetting dispersing agent for easy stabilization of pigments. They currently categorized under conventional wetting and dispersing agents.

AFCONA additives produce wide range of conventional wetting and dispersing agents to suite different needs of customers. All these products based on formation of polymer salts provide the wetting and dispersing properties. In addition, they promote anti-gravity effect for anti-settling effect.

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Slip & Leveling agent

Slip is always referred to our touching senses. Besides giving the touching sensation, it also serves as a protection tool to avoid and prevent scratch on coated surface.

Leveling can be observed visually and is referring to a smooth surface without any curving or irregular patterns on the surface. A real smooth and flat surface will give an object a more attractive and elegant look. Most coatings need a good leveling property in order to enhance the beauty of the object that it is coated with.

AFCONA additives produce various ranges of slip and leveling additives for both water based and solvent based coating.

Chemically, they are based on Modified Dimethyl Polysiloxane, pure Polyacrylic and Fluorocarbon modification Polyacrylic.

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