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AFCONA-S030 is polyether modified polysiloxane polymer. It has the performance of slip and leveling. prevents the formation of benardcell. And provides leveling as well as prevents the formation of craters. It is a middle performance slip and leveling agent. The property of slip is a little bit weaker than AFCONA 3031, AFCONA 3033 and AFCONA 3230. The slip is dry smooth. AFCONA -S030 also can be used in water-born systems, perform as a good leveling and anti-crater additive. But it would be a little foam-stabilization.


AFCONA-S207 is a high molecular weight dispersant which designed for stablizing inorganic pigments,such as titanium dioxide, irion dioxide and matting agent,and etc,as well as some kinds of organic pigments.AFCONA-S207 has excellent compatibility with all kinds of solvent based coatings, so,it can be applied in all solvent based coating systems.


AFCONA-S229 has the active performance of anti-foams and air-releasing, and recommended to UV curing, UPE, coil coatings and can coatings,as well as epoxy resins and polyvinyl chloride combinations.


AFCONA-S235 prevents the formation of foam and blisters during manufacturing and application. It has the combination of good defoaming as well as compatibility with most resin systems. It is recommended for medium viscosity applications applied by spray and brush.


AFCONA-S2685 is a strong and high efficient defoamer for solvent-free and solvent based high viscosity systems.


AFCONA-S332 has excellent compatibility,and it is very suitable for all kinds of varnishes. However, good compatibility also comes with more foam stabilizing. Thus, It is suggested to add defoamer for those paint systems are sensitive of foam.


AFCONA-S370 is a special perfluoroalkyl compound with methacrylate terminated. It has good compatibility with most of coating systems. And it is used to decrease the surface tension of the systems, and improve the surface properties. Such as anti-tarnish/fingerprint, scratch resistant, anti-craters and improve the leveling speed of vertical.


Modified polyacrylate co-polymer. it is a surfactant additive to improve the surface energy of profiles. and it is silicone-free and fluorocarbon-free. it used to improve the surface energy of cured coating films and profiles. and then improve the process materials, such as the inter-coat adhesion of coatings, composite materials, varnishes and printing inks. meanwhile, AFCONA-S371 has the wetting and leveling properties, improve the leveling performance of applied systems.


AFCONA - S373 is more cost-effective version of AFCONA - 3777 and AFCONA - 3773. and The compatibility of AFCONA - S373 is in middle performance. And it has a good balance of leveling, rheology control and defoaming. So it is more generalization.


AFCONA-S520 can help wetting and dispersing inorganic pigments, mainly for TiO2 and extenders. AFCONA-S520 is a dispersant tailored for dispersing tititanium. extremely recommended to pure-white coating applications.


AFCONA-S527 is a low cost wetting and dispersing additive which helps to stable inorganic pigments. AFCONA–S527 has excellent compatibility with most solvent-based coating systems, especially the systems based on alkyd resins.


It can decrease the viscosity of system effectively for manufacturing the concentration of SiO2 powder, and good stability for concentration storage.


AFCONAS532 is a wetting and dispersing agent for dispersing SiO2 powder in adhesive systems.


A high costing performance wetting and dispersing agent, developed for stabilizing inorganic pigments. it has good compatibility with most solvent based resin systems.



It can decrease the foams in resin manufacturing and processing, as well as fastly release the inner bubbles. It is especially recommended to be used in epoxy manufacturing, and will get excellent non-foam surface.


It is recommended to all kinds of UPE, Vinyl resins and epoxy resin systems, used to dispersing SiO2 powder, organic clay and other extenders, to strength the thixotropic effect, and improve the rheological properties.


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