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Company Profile

Main operation and manufacturing based in China. Total capacity is over 20,000 NTs per year

The AFCONA brand was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced people in the field of specialty additives from Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and China. Today, AFCONA Polymer Co., Ltd. has the status of being one of the leading manufacturers of specialty additives worldwide. Our manufacturing facility is located in China and has a capacity of over 20,000 tonnes per year. One of the success elements of an additives company is always heavily dependent on company research and development; thus, we have two R&D centres: Heerhugowaard, Holland, and Jiangsu, China.

AFCONA's main products are polymers in different delicate chemical structures designed to function as

·Defoamer & Dearaetion

·levelling control and surface speciality additives

·Wetting and dispersing agents

We serve a wide range of chemical industries by providing solutions to their problems via our additives. Among them are paints, printing inks, advanced composite materials, membrane materials, electrical materials, adhesives, Artificial leather, and many more industries.

·Fast, responsive action towards the needs of our customers and corporate partners.

·On time response to product supply and development, we can also tailor-make products according to customers' needs.

·Continue to invest in basic theoretical research, including polymerization methods, new structures and performances, new functional monomers, and other basic research works.

·Strictly abide by all rules and regulations of international chemical control law. More

·Extremely strict control on product quality.

50+ countries and regions

Distributors all over the world

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